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MonthJanuary 2017

Handmade Terracotta Jewellery: Glorious Creations from Mother Earth

Terracotta was a trusted and valuable resource to Humankind since the days of our Cave Ancestors. There were pots, platters, bowls and jewelry as seen in the many archeological finds at Mohenjo Daro and Harrapa, the early evidence of the Indus Valley Civilization. From the Mayan period, we have the amazing Ceramic Bowls and Incense burner, among other finds, and in China, the awe-inspiring Terracotta Warriors.

Source Direct, Promote Fair Trade: Technology offers Equal Access to All

Aparna Challu – Heritage and Traditions can only be honored when those who deliver those to us are honored. CraftsBazaar offers the marketplace for all artisans, their crafts and products to be showcased. It has a vision for these artisans and craftspeople to be brought into the light and works tirelessly to bring them into the light of recognition and prosperity.

Won’t you Join Us?

Parsi Gara Sarees: Enduring Expressions of Refinement

The Parsis, a small and significantly renowned business-community from Western-India fled persecution in Iran or then-Persia, after the Arab invasion and arrived on the Western shores of India about the 9th Century, settling in Sindh and Gujarat. Fortunately, they continue to celebrate their unique identity and have made a place for themselves as formidable entrepreneurs and global business houses.

Turquiose, Corals, Lapis Lazuli… The Ladakhi Repertoire of Accessories

Ladakh, a beautiful part of the Northern State of Jammu and Kashmir in India, has a unique landscape, in beige-grey tones, Moon-like and other worldly, contrasted by a vibrant, colorful, rich cultural diversity and fabulous Costumes and Jewelry worn by women in everyday life and ceremonial festive occasions.

Pants for the Girls! Feminine, Chic, Comfortable Palazzos

The Palazzos features here are the Indian Gujarati take on this contemporary garment that has taken the the world by storm..or, almost. These are a collection by CraftsBazaar, a fabulous, comprehensive Marketplace devoted to promoting Indian Crafts and Craftspersons.

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