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Handmade Well-being Candles


“They inhabited The Age of Consumerism.” Perhaps this may well be the epitaph applied to our generation by the Future. It comes with a compliment for the significant leaps made in Technology and the Internet, Globalization, Free-market economics and the Consumer, Consumer Behavior and Consumer Experience being central to it all.

It could potentially be a valued phase in human history where the key Protagonist, the Consumer, chose to value the basics. Respect for Nature, Preservation of the Environment and Support of those who feed the Consumer’s Supply Chain, ie, the Farmer, the Baker, the Candle Maker…

Each could be the trigger for invigorating economies at grass-roots wherever in the world we may live as consumers. Choice has the power to Change.

Let’s Choose. Source Handmade Products; Buy Direct. Promote Fair trade.

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