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Wealth from Waste: Handmade Paper Products


In the small hamlet of Munnar in the Souther State of Kerala, a small handmade products unit employs young people with Special Needs to create unique, one-of-a-kind earthy and fabulous products with handmade paper. This paper is made from Coconut husk, Tea waste, Lemon grass, Pineapple leaves, Eucalyptus and Elephant poop. Yes, its abundance does help!

Various moulds are made to create the different types of products, such as, boxes, Notepads, Book-marks, Phot0 Albums, Carry Bags and various types of Stationery. The pieces are decorated creatively with dried-flower petals, leaves, herbs and the various textures make for exquisite pieces that delight visually and uplift the spirits and the soul.

We are each unique and sourcing directly makes it possible to celebrate the unique gifts and efforts of young people with learning challenges or economic challenges who create wonderful, diverse and eco-friendly products simply by reusing the waste we all ignore and dispose off as garbage. They create with their beautiful minds and talented selves, wealth from waste making our environment and lives better in ways that matter.

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  1. These are amazing products, could we buy them in bulk for our corporate gifts.Is there a way to customise as per our requirement, please advise.

  2. This website is really interesting and plays all the role at a time. If anyone wants to know about the product, how it is made and where,and can know the details and at the same time can purchase the product from the same website.

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