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Source Direct, Promote Fair Trade: Technology offers Equal Access to All

The World celebrates Heritage. All countries place placards and honor monuments of the past, architectural and geological delights, preservation of wild life in sanctuaries and of extinct species via Statutory Guidelines and legal interventions.

Somewhere along the way, as the free-markets became viable for globalization and the craftspersons who remained in rural pockets learning, applying and passing-on traditional skills haven’t quite benefitted in the way places of interest have. Tourism campaigns have created an awareness spurred by advertisements on Social media and the internet-based searches, that leads travelers to places that would otherwise have remained lost in time. Inquiring minds and weary feet make their way to Angkor Wat and Hampi, both UNESCO identified Heritage sites. But what of the craftspersons who even today, after many centuries, sculpt life into stone, preserving that astonishingly daunting and beautiful craft with tools almost as primitive as those times and their bare hands?

In poverty and want, under natural light or fading gas-lamps, with handmade rough tools that forever disfigure creative hands. These bearers and custodians of civilization strive tirelessly to deliver artworks that remain true, pure and in conformance with all norms, dexterity, mystical patterns, iconography and demanding dictates of various schools of art.

They do all this working in remote villages, with few amenities. But for the grace of an innate pursuit of human excellence it is impossible to justify how these men, women and children devote their lives and livelihoods remaining faceless, nameless, “karigars” at the very bottom of the food-chain or modern day supply-chain.

These craftspersons have as yet not found a place on the itineraries of historians or mindful journeymen.

There’s sadly been a lost opportunity.

Heritage and Traditions can only be honored when those who deliver those to us are honored. CraftsBazaar offers the technology platform via this Marketplace for all artisans, their crafts and products  to be showcased. It has a vision for these artisans and craftspeople to be brought into the light of recognition and prosperity.

Won’t you Join Us?


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  1. Really feeling very happy for Craftsbazaar as it is helping India’s talent to come out in the world market.

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