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Exclusive Pearl Jewelry from Hyderabad


Andhra Pradesh’s Capital, Hyderabad city, has been the stuff of legends, with the famous Salarjung Museum and the history of riches in gem collections, fine jewellery and opulent lifestyle prior to the Independence of Indian and the abrogation of Princely States. The Nizam, it is widely known, loved his strings of pearls and diamonds.

The Pearl decorated royalty while also being used in pastes to enhance the facial glow and add lustre and beauty to skin. “Tula-baar”, or weigh equivalent to one’s weight was an ancient tradition where grains and pulses were weighed and distributed among the less fortunate. This tradition in Mughal India was taken to new heights as precious pearls and gems were used in place of grains. This attracted pearl merchants to Hyderabad making it, “The Pearl City”, as it soon became the trading centre on account of its being a port city as well.

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