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Kashmiri Walnut Wood Carvings

Walnut Wood from Kashmir, India, has been used exceptionally well by Kashmiri craftspersons over centuries. The Walnut Tree is a native plant and among the range of fruits and dry-fruits produced by this abundantly-blessed Himalayan Valley, this has been used to create fabulous products for Home Decor and Gifts.

One finds a range of gorgeous Jewelry boxes, Cigar-cases, Stationary boxes and the larger pieces of furniture, to include, Writing desks, Bedsteads, Centre-Tables and Revolving Book-Cases. The warm tones of the wood simply glow and acquire a rich hue over time.

The wood is carved into with the most enduring motifs being Nature’s gifts to the region. The Chinaar or Maple leaves, Floral vines, Birds and Animals, Always perfectly symmetrical!

An amazing product below is the Cigarette Holder. It has mechanical lever that, when pushed down, takes the ducks beak to the box in front that slides open to allow for the picking of a single cigarette! These products are all available online at CraftsBazaar. You can even have something made to order and customized specially for you to be delivered globally.

CraftsBazaar Walnut WoodWalnut Wood

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