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Ethnic Wooden Cutlery of Udayagiri

Cutlery! In India, generations have always eaten using their fingers. Ladles and large spoons were for stirring pots and ladling lentils and rice. Eating has always required the involvement of the 5 senses. Of the numerous influences of Colonialism, one such has been the inclusion of cutlery in homes although the vast majority prefers its avoidance except in formal social situations.

Wooden utensils were, alongside pottery, commonly used throughout India. In Udayagiri, Andhra Pradesh, in Southern India, this craft of wooden cutlery-making, has been a means of livelihood. Over the last century, beautifully handmade cutlery is being crafted by families that over generations have acquired and enhanced their skills in the making of finely carved handmade wooden products. This includes, ladles large and small, spoons, forks and knives. There has always been the butter-milk churner and the rolling-pin neither requiring great craftsmanship nor embellishment.

Local wood like Nardi, Devdari and bikki and kaldi chakka, from the abundant jungles is used. The soft wood lends itself perfectly well to carving and shaping for making smaller products like spoons, folk and the hardened ones, like Kardi, are used for robust ladles.  

A collection of Exotic Ethnic Udayagiri Wooden Cutlery.




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