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Shiva and Shakti: Equal & Eternally Beloved

Shiva and Shakti, the ultimate power-couple, the great combined force, the celebrated husband and wife who married for love, in the face of parental disappointment, from the land of the … Continue Reading Shiva and Shakti: Equal & Eternally Beloved

Tea with Sugar? Boring. Try Salt instead. Exotic Indian Teas with Spice and Salt.

Mountain tribes and cultures are distinctly unique and their individualism almost directly proportional to the degree of difficulty in access and communications between the rest of the world and them. The people of the Valley of Jammu and Kashmir, that includes the well-known Kashmir and the comparatively lesser-known-about Ladakh, enjoy a rich variety of cultural legacy owing to the many influences that remained well after the many tides of rulers had ebbed and flowed. Moghul Chai and Sheer Chai offer the flavours of Tea with Salt and Spice. Unique. Must experience. Enjoy.

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