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Respect Origins; Support Fair Trade Eco-Friendly Banana Fibre Products

Welcome to the Origins. A place within us all that stands still as Time moves past. Untouched, pristine and Centered. One with Creation, in harmony with Nature and our deepest selves. Humankind has evolved and perhaps, far beyond the realm of the imagination of our fore-fathers/mothers. We open a can or packet to feed ourselves and all manner of produce and products are available to one with the right printed-paper in one’s wallet.

However, the Origins remain intact somewhere deep within and this is evidenced in the joy of peeling opening a fresh Banana and devouring it to the very end before sending the selfless Banana-skin flying-out into the nearest bin or oftentimes just about anywhere it can reach! Its bio-degradable and disturbs our conscience less. Yes, we all do still have one. Remember? The Origins, they remain intact!

In the Southern states of India, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala, the Banana tree is a mainstay and life-source with the fruit, in raw form and in ripe form, providing every nutrition in fresh form and also, as Plantain Chips and Savories that made to be preserved over a long time.

The hardworking women of the villages have over time developed a fantastic fibre from the external bark of the matured Banana trees. The bark, once soaked, becomes soft and pliable-enough to be used at the spinning-wheel to spin into yarn. This fibre makes for amazing, esoteric, environmentally-friendly and classy one-of-a-kind handmade products. Dining-table Mats, Stationery holders, Kitchen Baskets and even Cool and Savvy Wine-bottle holders!

Each product is entirely natural and safe and every purchase is sourced directly from the hands of the women in remote village that toil to collect, spin and then make every individual product as a small group in their rural communities.

With the power of the internet, widely pervasive telecom infrastructure, mobile communications and e-payment gateways, any one globally can exercise the choice to participate actively in energizing sustainable eco-systems.

Do Good. Feel Better. There’s only One You. Be Unique. Buy Unique.

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  1. These are really amazing. Never heard about Banana leaf fibre products before. Thinking of buying one for my yoga.

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