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The Bandhani: Tie-Dye Resist Craft

Bandhej or Bandhani, literally means a bond, and is the technique perfected by the Desert tribes of Rajasthan and Gujarat where the fabric is gathered into small, pinched-up circles, in rows and then tied tightly, with thread using a swift, circular motion till none of the pinched-up fabric is visible. These ties run along the length of the fabric and are of varied sizes. In a series of separate actions, the fabric is dyed, in a manner that allows for different and contrasting colors to be used. When the threads are removed and the fabric stretched back to normal, marvelous, colorful, patterns emerge.
Men, Women and Children, wear Turbans, Sarees, Skirts, Kurtas, in a myriad of colorful combinations. Come experience the joy of celebrations as you browse through the collections below.
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