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Tradition becomes Mainstream- Pret or Haute Couture!

Tradition becomes Mainstream Pret or Haute Couture- The very Western Jacket and Poncho have been given a fabulous make-over by Kashmiri Craftspersons. The innovative use of a traditional embroidery technique typical to woollen shawls, stoles and pherans, on the Jacket and Poncho has added a whole new dimension to these common-place articles of clothing. The Capital cities of the world and the fashionistas of all towns big and small, are waking up to the versatility and appeal of this Indian contribution to Global Apparel. They are beautifully tailored, well-lined in soft fabrics and require very little care. These come in any shade you fancy and virtually any fabric! Try Semi-Pashmina, Velvet, Silk or Taffetta for effect or else the easy- breezy, cool Khadi cotton for comfort and conscience. All available in standard sizes or made to order and delivered globally!

An interesting trend is the range of fabulous leather bags, all hand-embroidered, in classic motifs of florals and the colours of Spring and Autumn. These are accent pieces by themselves while adding flair to all outfits. How fantastic is that??!!

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