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Tikuli Art; Coasters & Home Products

Tikuli Art has its origins in Bihar, Eastern India. The “tikka” or dot on the woman’s forehead is believed to be the inspiration behind this art-form. These would have been the most expensive “tikkas” ever! Its a refined expression of art which has evolved from being one requiring painstaking effort, in working with melting glass to form thin sheets, upon which layers of gold foil and gems would be applied under the patronage of Royalty, to its modern-day avatar.

Tikuli Art is now a painting that includes Madhubani motifs and is done on hard-board using deft paintbrush strokes, enamel and bold colors, usually against a dark, black background for great effect. The process renders the board heatproof and waterproof. Fabulous products such as trays, coaster and wall-hangings are increasingly popular.

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CraftsBazaar-Tikuli Art Collage.jpg

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