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Waste Not Want Not! Recycled Paper Products

Peoples of ancient cultures, indigenous tribes and rural, remote areas retain one basic ethic and that is to simply waste nothing. This ancient common-sense has over time ironically been delivered to us in urban and modern times, by way of lessons in life and quite like enlightened “wisdom”.

The tribes and rural folk even today scavenge for used paper and following a process of pounding, mould it by hand into shapes for toys, pen-holders, figurines of men, women and animals, all representative of Nature or products for home decor or office use such, such as, lamps, trays, bulletin-boards and waste-paper baskets. These when dried are quite robust and are painted on in bright colors of orange, green, yellow and blue, using natural dyes and paints in simple, colorful motifs, with the fish being a favorite.

Photos Courtesy Crafts Bazaar.

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  1. It is really amazing to think that nothing in this world are waste product. Indian artists can make beautiful products out of recycled products. Here we can see different items made out of recycled paper.

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