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Exquisite Hand-embroidered Linen from West Bengal

West Bengal Needle Work

The Calcutta Needlework is the craft that comes from the legacy of Colonial India, which had been nurtured to perfection over time. The themes present are floral, pleasant and the stitches finely done to ensure that the threads are tightly held together. The usual range of Calcutta Needlework includes table linen, bed-clothes, runners, mats, napkins and also sofa-backs.

This craft requires great expertise as the stitches are all continuous and looped to give a fine, fluid, flowing look as if of vines creeping along walls. Except, the backdrop here is usually, bedcovers and matching pillow-cases. The room for error is very tiny as undoing these tightly made stitches requires great effort and time. Without exception, it is always Nature in all it glory that remains the chief subject. Flowers, in varied hues spring forth from continuous vines, or bunches of strawberries in all their juicy texture, appear as if they can be picked right-off the fabric. A fine collection is included below…

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  1. Love these cotton bedsheets from West Bengal. Would love to buy. Had seen some of these when I was younger, my mother used to spread these beautiful sheets. Please help me with a contact no. Or store. Would be very excited to own one of these.

    Kavita Chauhan

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