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Tamil Nadu Wooden Figurines and Panels

Tamil Nadu Wood Work
Tamil Nadu Wood Work

Tamil Nadu, in Southern India, has numerous examples of a Golden Age and the pinnacle of architecture and carvings, in its ancient temples at Mahabalipuram and Tanjavur, to name just two. The carving in particular, in stone and wood, are hallmarks of great skill and expertise. This ancient craft and the living tradition that it communicates, flows into the present in a continuum

The subjects chosen for making these figurines continue to be iconic. In time, they have evolved, as has India, from being Nature and Deities worshiped by the Hindus of the land, to including, iconic angels, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, Madonna and Child, Buddha and saints of various faiths and sects in a uniquely plural, Indian context.

There are gorgeous birds, peacocks being the most favored and useful brackets that contains mythological birds and also the Yali, the mythological creature that is part-lion, part-elephant and part-tiger,  an ancient symbol of power.  And of course, there are the fabulous pillars! Great, statuesque and stunning. These transform any home instantly into a heritage space. The popular wood has now become the local Jungle or Country wood called Vengai due to the rising cost of Teakwood and Rosewood.

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