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The Jamavaar; The Inimitable Luxury of Exclusivity

The most quintessential of all that is fine in Kashmiri weaving and all that is unique in appeal, is the Jamavaar or Jaamvaar as pronounce by native Kashmiris. Its origins are attributed to Persia, with its chief patrons being the Moghul Emperors. A Jamavaar would take decades to weave with painstaking attention to the detail in the fine pattern and the magnificent symphony or colour. The motifs were the Paisley or Kairi, and the elongated stylized florals. In time, this piece of exquisite craftsmanship in delicate Pashmina wool, has like most ancient forms of crafts, become too expensive, laborious and quite literally rare in skill as the machine made duplicates thrive in abundance. These are now made from silk or a mixed fabric. However, the antique, old pieces, very few in number have been treasured and can be sources online. Travel through the magnificence of an India only revealed in the monuments and crafts of the past. View from the comfort of your home this marvellous collection of the Jamavaar. Make a bid for it. Go never know when you may make your tryst with this piece of history.

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  1. These are great collection. I was made to believe that it almost takes 12 months to make one of this kind. Can i use some of the photos for my project on Indian Arts and Crafts. I would put a credit note for the same. Please do let me know.

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