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The Grand Indian Design

Time flies across a Millennium and another, the sands shift and generations come and go. The eternal elegance and beauty of exquisite Indian design remains timeless. The Indian Choli is feminine beyond words and marvellous in its expression of form and design embellished further by deft needlework and craftsmanship of a quality that leaves one dumb-founded. The fabrics in silk, organza, satin, cotton and the embroidery in Zardozi, Rabari, Kuttchi, Mirrorwork, Gota-Patti each are without parallel. The range is infinite and only limited by imagination. Gold or silver thread work, Resham or silk with sequins or without. Kashmiri Sozni or Tilla Dozi. Motifs that reveal thousands of years of skill and beauty, in every graceful rendition. One can shop online or have a unique collection handmade to order. High Couture or Pret. Acquire, Wear and Inspire all with the radiant elegance of the Indian Choli. Celebrate Beauty and Grace!

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