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The Falling of Fall! Reflections in Indian Craft

The Seasons of Nature, it’s abundance, the flora and fauna are reflected in the crafts of all cultures across the world. In India, every season brings forth different fabrics, with weaves or embroidery that express the very best of the seasons gifts. The Autumn is has been eternalized in  the collective Indian sub-consciousness, in the falling leaf of the Chinaar or Maple tree, the iconic symbol of the valley of Kashmir. The Chinaar leaf is embroidered into Kashidakari in gabba and namda, the Kashmiri felt rugs, Crewel curtains and Tea-cozies, Sarees and shawls… Into the very fabric of the people of Jammu and Kashmiri. The Jamavaar is perhaps the finest expression of the Fire of Colour that is the Kashmiri Autumn. The pashmina shawls and even the Tilla embroidery in silver thread comes a close second. Wherever you are and whatever your immediate environment, feast upon the feisty Kashmiri Autumn, right here, right now. Enjoy!

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