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The Indian Affair:Turmeric and Spice

Food! Indians since the beginning of time have eaten with their fingers and not cutlery or chopsticks or any intermediary! The contact has always been immediate and absolute. Food is to be experienced. The ancient Indian Language, Sanskrit, terms this as “Bhog”. We eat with all the senses we live with. Five. Yup! We eat with our five senses. Smell, Sight, Touch, Taste and even Sound. The aroma precedes all and the we feast with our eyes before we reach out and touch or taste. That is how we experience all life and food being is fuel of living beings, must needs also be consumed or experienced as such.

Turmeric is now being revealed by science as the wonder herb for a myriad ailments. The “wonder” herb. Indian foods, Dals, Culinary delights and Shahi- Dawats have always had Turmeric as the key ingredient. Further more, even a prayer or a wedding ritual doesn’t commence without this anti-septic wonder root-herb. Fortunately all spices and herbs are now available in organic and natural form via online shopping.

The next time you’re worried about that sumptuous feast(?) fear no more! Reach out and dig all your ten fingers in. All food and specially dishes with turmeric,  are to be rejoiced in!

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  1. Great Reading. Any novice will get to know about Indian herbs and spices by just following and reading your blogs

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