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Pants for the Girls! Feminine, Chic, Comfortable Palazzos

Photos Courtesy CraftsBazaar:


From Men’s Pant-suits to the High-waisted, flowing parallel-legged trousers, Skinny low-waists hipsters to the pleated “women’s trousers”, women had been there done that!

And then came the Palazzo Pant! Comfy, fluid and one for every woman irrespective of size or form. Unbelievable. The Palazzos features here are the Indian Gujarati take on this contemporary garment that has taken the the world by storm..or, almost. These are a collection by CraftsBazaar, a fabulous, comprehensive Marketplace devoted to promoting Indian Crafts and Craftspersons.

Each Palazzo pant features is unique. It has a a base plain, solid fabrics or the Sanganeri and Daabu Block Prints from Rajasthan , Ajrakh from Rajasthan and Gujarat and finally, exquisite motifs in colored threads and mirror-work from Gujarat.

I love with this team and its passion for revealing the best of handmade products.

Celebrating Gorgeous, Fabulous, Exquisite, Salt-of-the-Earth Indian Palazzos. Jai Ho!

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