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Turquiose, Corals, Lapis Lazuli… The Ladakhi Repertoire of Accessories


Ladakh, a beautiful part of the Northern State of Jammu and Kashmir in India, has a unique landscape, in beige-grey tones, Moon-like and other worldly, contrasted by a vibrant, colorful, rich cultural diversity and fabulous Costumes and Jewelry worn by women in everyday life and ceremonial festive occasions.

The jewelry is predominantly made of stones, precious and semi-precious, Turquoise, Coral, Quarts, Pearl, Lapis Lazuli, Amber and Agate, matched with Conch-shells, sewn on fabric to make marvelous, elaborate neckpieces like Chokers or Bibs, Layers of Necklaces, Head-pieces called Perak that are a meter long and studded with stones, each carrying its own significance, protecting its wearer from evil and promoting well-being.

More contemporary accessories include, Belts, Wrist-bands, Clutches, Hair-Pins and interesting boxes in various sizes. The imitations in glass now make these affordable and wearable. Enjoy!

Photos Courtesy CraftsBazaar:


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