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Parsi Gara Sarees: Enduring Expressions of Refinement

The Parsis, a small and significantly renowned business-community from Western-India fled persecution in Iran or then-Persia, after the Arab invasion and arrived on the Western shores of India about the 900s, settling in Sindh and Gujarat. Fortunately, they continue to celebrate their unique identity and have made a place for themselves as formidable entrepreneurs and global business houses.

The Parsi women wear the Gara, the Saree, with extremely fine embroidery all-over the 6 plus yards of fabric. This traditional needlework is done using a very fine needle, quite like the Sozni embroidery of Kashmir, and can take up to a year or more to complete depending on the degree of details and range of colors. The more traditional motifs are floral, with oriental flair and primary colors used in the embroidery are purple, pink and of course, there is a wide range of pastels as well.

The fabulous Gara Saree of the past, is now a heritage piece and valued as heirlooms should be. There is a wide range available online though for those who wish to include this fine expression of refinement from a culture that prides itself on preserving its customs, traditions and unique place in its homeland, India.

Photos Courtesy CraftsBazaar:

You can choose something you fancy online and contribute any photographs or even share your own heirloom Gara that all may appreciate this fine Parsi Craft and its products.

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