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Pichwai Paintings: Heritage Rajasthani Art

Pichwai Painting Rajasthan CraftsBazaar

Pichwai, quite literally, is that which remains behind and Pichwai paintings were made to hang behind, as backdrops to the deity Srinathji or Krishna, as more commonly known, in the temple dedicated to Srinathji at Nathwada in Rajasthan. Nathwada is a place of great spiritual importance and believers travel from far and wide to visit this temple.

This art form like so many others, has passed from one generation to the next with great pains taken to retain its purity of form and content.

The themes for these paintings were mythological, depicting the stories of the wondrous life of Lord Krishna. These were painted like large scrolls, on cloth or paper in natural colors. Β Krishna is brought to life in splendid glory in various forms and the paintings are done using very fine strokes and complex details that draw out the personification of this most adored deity for Indian Hindus.

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