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Fathers and Daughters; A Dowry for Life

Sheaves of Wheat, Bouquets of vibrant Corn, Plump Pumpkins and the Evergreen Sprigs and Layered robust Pine…all these make for a fine setting at Thanksgiving, the tradition celebrated post-harvest in North America. As we give thanks, my being is joyful in gratitude for the blessing of my birth father and my father through marriage.

I give thanks for that which makes it possible for a daughter to celebrate life in all its seasons. Whether we have little or much, gains or want, the one constant that remains with us and travels as if an umbrella offering shade in blazing sun or torrential rain, wherever we go, is the unconditional love of a devoted father. For that one simply stops all else, takes a pause, takes a deep breath in and in all confidence exhales out, to feel the abundance of gratitude. My prayer at this time, is that every daughter, born anywhere, to anyone, may know this feeling!


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