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Ethereal Texture; Kashmiri Pashmina, Papier Mache

The Kashmiri Pashmina Shawl is perhaps the most dearly beloved of all garments and husbands may venture as far as to say, even family-members (!) to the women of the valley of Jammu and Kashmir. This is woven in Pashmina Wool from the mountain sheep and traditionally has been the chiefly prizes of all possessions in the bridal trousseau! These shawls have a variety in terms of embroidery style and technique with different kinds of needles being used to create magnificent designs, depending on the base fabric and the thread used. The thicker the wool or fabric, the thicker the thread to embroider with and therefore, the thicker the needle that just hold and pass the thread in and out and round about often times!! It’s a skill that takes a life time of learning, sitting down, knee raised, bent over, eye, needle, thread and fabric, all in hand and ancestral terra-firma beneath the fixed feet that carry this beautiful force of tradition and this deeply rich heritage. Browse, marvel, engage if you will by draping a piece of exquisite perfection around your person to feel the magical beauty of all things Kashmiri. Shop online to gain direct access to these blessed craftsmen. Go to the source. Celebrate the ancient Indian Heritage.

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