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Indian Kurtis: Chic n Classic Flair

Second only to the Saree, this ubiquitous article of femininity, the Kurti, is quite literally a ladies Summer-dress with the soft addition of a flowing dupatta or light long scarf draped over one or both shoulders. Worn over jeans or simply over tights, as is the fashion of the times, the Kurti offers comfort, style, a wide choice in design and cut, flattering silhouettes and a fabulous range of fabrics and handmade, exquisitely embroidered yolks from Kashmiri Sozni in Silk thread, Tilla or Aari– embroidery, Rajasthani Gota-Patti and Block-printing, Gujarati Tie-Dye Bandhej. Gold or Copper accents, Stone and Sequins, Sating edges and soft pom-poms add flair and form to these expressions of mood and style.

Photos Courtesy CraftsBazaar:

Promote Fair Trade: Source Direct from Artisans

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  1. Delightful…who doesn’t always need a kurti! I love these. They’re classic and timeless.

  2. Your Article is amazing, I got a good piece of info which I got from your website and you wrote this article very well. Thank you for sharing this information.

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