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Jingle Jangle..Lac Bangles: Handcrafted One by one.


Bangles! The chief and most ubiquitous of all ornaments, is considered the most auspicious by the women of India. These are associated with married life, fertility, celebration and prosperity. Each region has its own special style and the quest for the most aesthetic and beautiful bangle has never ceased in a few thousands of years.

The Dancing Lady of Mohenjo Daro included. Dating back about 500 years, the most affordable substance has been Lac as its inexpensive, possible to mold and can be adorned with all sorts of embellishments, beads, colourful cut-glass, mirrors etc.

Craftspersons painstakingly, piece by piece,  make the lac bangles using a hand-crafted technique. The colour, glitter and drama is amazing!

Traditionally, till just a few years ago, the bangle seller would have his weekly planned itinerary for visits to his clients homes. He would carry all, quite literally, his whole inventory of bangles, set-his large sack down and commence choosing the right sizes for every hand, and replacing the old bangles with the new ones. The ladies of the house chose what they liked and he helped them slip these off and on, as does a trusted confidant or fashion advisor today!

We now buy online and don’t quite know who made the accessories we so intimately wear nor how or where they come from. CraftsBazaar offers the platform for us to know more about the products we choose, what region and craft they originate from and what stories they carry with them.

Isn’t progress all about knowing better and connecting more? With the internet, wireless technology and cell-phones becoming increasingly available to rural areas,  that’s all possible now.





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