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Uber Cool Storage Au Natural! Kids Toys, Linen, Blankets, Stoles, Books….

Convenient, Fabulous, Safe Hand-braided Baskets in a myriad of colours for urban homes. These are made by a community of 400 women in the Gangetic plains.

Holy Grasses?? Yup! Khusha, Sarkanda, Moonjh these are the life source through post- Harvest.

Most rural artisans are farmers when Season’s change and they return to plow fields and till the farmlands for produce.

Opt for Eco-friendly, sustainable life-choices. These locally-sourced seasonal fibers come from the grasslands and have been used by village communities to weave mats, bread-baskets and all sorts of home-centric wares.

COVID has impacted these immigrant workers. Fairs and Bazaar are shut. These means of income are lost….

Browse to buy. Want a discount?? Simply message and we will assist where possible.

Boutique Owners, Retailers contact us at for bulk orders.

View the collection at Respect Origins.

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