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The Tribe RO Collective

National Award Winners Craft in Metal using the Lost Wax Technique of Chattishgarh, The Area of 36 Tribes.

They tell stories that are no longer told… but do need telling. Stories of the history of an ancient people and their Dharm, Karm, Bhoomi and Yudh. Their battles within their souls because of their essential human nature and its place in a socio-political order.The history of the Mahabharat and the Ramayan.

The culture and ways of Kings, Gurus, Disciples, Families and Rural Life. The images below are of one such Dhokra Metal Figurine of the Scholar King Ravan who through his penance grew ten heads and had the intellect and conscious powers of highly revolved devout souls…. until he, being all too human, fell due to the error of his ways and became the Antagonist, Ravan the Abductor and Challenger of King Ram.

Every crease of the brow, the focus of the eyes, the fierce persona and the bravado in his stance are all captured in metal.

Connect. Collaborate. Communicate.

Rural Matters.

Respect Origins.

It’s where we came from. 😊You can acquire this piece, Gift it or Commission it to a size that works for you!! The Value is delivered to the Artisan Creator…

Tribe RO simply enables!!

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