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Part 1 -On Scaling Businesses | Ms Aparna Challu Founder & CEO Respect Origins CraftsBazaar

Part 1 On Scaling Businesses | Ms Aparna Challu Founder & CEO Respect Origins CraftsBazaar..

Founder and CEO Respect Origins in an interview on Leadership.

Here’s Part-1 on Scaling Business.

Aparna Challu has started many green field ventures in Kuwait, Doha, England, Denmark, Sweden and India, in addition to her leadership roles in North American Companies, in the US and Canada.

Each has been in a different domain and vertical. Diplomatic Foreign Missions, Oil and Gas, Technology, Telecoms and Media, Privatization of the Manufacturing sector, Software Product Development, Infrastructure Management and finally, the Socio-economic Sector.

She quit her high-profile positions to return to her roots in India to apply her diverse consumer and global market experience with her expertise in Technology and Infrastructure, in her start-up, CraftsBazaar.

Respect Origins is the Global Brand that transcends boundaries and cultures, including CraftsBazaar in its fold.

She is Didi, Amma, Bhaji, Maaji to rural communities that call her directly on her line day or night when they need to reach out for support.

Under her leadership, the ecosystem of micro-financiers, Self- help groups, design institutes, retailers, artisans and socially-engaged patrons all are a part of the Tribe Origins ecosystem.

Listen in…

Parts 2 and 3 to follow here..

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