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Pink Stone. Chisel. Grit. Acquired Skills and an inherited Legacy….

Bhubaneshwar, in Orissa, on the oceanfront, soft sunny sands and magical sunsets! Also, the land of tyrannical hurricanes and annual flooding that washes away coastal viallges and all they contain.

What remains then?? Well.. everything! Everything that Time and Tide cannot wash away. The Dharohar, the heritage of millennia living in every cell of the organisms and humans who breathe the air and drink the water of that land….

Those hand, poor? Yes, if money is the index…. in hardship? Yes, if comfort means big houses…. but truly rich!

Wealthy, rich, empowered!! For they have that which money cannot buy and machines cannot as yet make. The ability to bring stone to life!!!

These are raw images… checkout more at Respect Origins.

These statues are what grand pavilions, resorts and paradise-like homes place as symbols of elegance, refinement and wealth.

Be careful… what is revealed may just blow you away!!

View the collection at Respect Origins.

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