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Classic. Timeless. Bronzes.

Heat, melted metal, molten wax and earthen klins! There’s a smallHamlet called Kumbakhonam in the southern-belt of Tamil Nadu, fed by millennia of enriched rivers and aspirational inhabitants.

The land where ancient architectural magnificence is visible, standing, in all its glory, intricacy and solidity carved in stone. People travel from across the globe to witness the power and force of energy vortexes in the ancient temples.

The presiding deity is Lord Shiva in all his glory and his many celebrated symbolic artististic expressions. The Shiva Tandava, the Uddhava Tandava… and many forms those who are knowledgeable would share.

We simple marvel in the creations of folk in hutments that have no roofs, no walls, no solid cemented ground, no running water or electrical figments at home… but an abundance of sunlight, moonshine, fresh air, fresh milk from cows and simple, limited nourishment by way of rice and lentils grown within the village.

Poverty is inglorious. Irredeemable in its want and the many indignities filial to it. There’s no genuine artistic license like film- makers would have us believe. Rising sun! Setting sun! Worn-out turn clothes on brown sun-worn people.

What is artistic and beyond cinema is the real pursuit of perfection in bringing to life form and content with materials as harsh as bronze and other metals!!

All while staying true to design, perspective, proportion and all indices dictated by the ancient aesthetic texts.

Enough said… browse these masterpieces… there are no professionals photographers and studios. Rural teams that take photos in our front yard!!

We honor the Masters and their toil.

Jai Hind!

View the collection at Respect Origins.

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