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Silken Soft, Feminine or Super-cool on Men with flair!!

Joyful Hand-printed, mirages of color and splendor in fine detail. Motifs from Mother Nature, Florals, Paisleys, Ikat Weaves and Kantha Hand Stitched Wonder!!

Beauty and Harmony results from a soulful quest for perfection and an ability to explore creativity while retaining one’s innate human desire to remain rooted in cultural moorings.

Drape yourself with the luxurious ease that stems for simplicity, integrity and purity. We are as we live. Live your best life!!

Yes, it’s all artisanal. Yes, your patronage supports rural families… but that’s got to be the result and not the means for it to be sustainable.

We strive to bring you the finest of what is handmade with authenticity and always, always natural.

No models. We can’t afford it and it’s not required.

Love it? Buy it. Wear it. Share the word.

View the collection at Respect Origins.

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