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Handcrafted; Mastery in Design and Form, Solid Seasoned Wood, Carving Tools, Acquired well-honed skilled, Pride in their Labour of Love…. and this is what it results in!!

Grandeur at your door!!! Come home to a visual feast for the senses. Not just another doorway…these jewels are a feast for the senses. Imagine the free spirit of the artistic minds behind such a grand design for the external entrance of courtyard of a home?!

This stands the test of time. This is a single piece available now. Replicas can be done….and are being made to suit current limitations of space and trending notions of design.

I wonder what the home itself would have been like. Creativity finds expression in astonishing ways!

Check out vintage wonders at Respect Origins.

These works can be bought or commissioned.

Design consultancy is at hand at no cost, while Installation Services are available in India and in the Southern California.

Respect Origins.

Authentic. Nomadic. Rooted.

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