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Meet the Master Series : Shreemati Muni Lakshmi; Kalamkari, Andhra Pradesh, India.

In the ancient temple-town of Sri Kalahasti, a fine art has held its own quite like the deities that grace their marvellous stone abodes to be visited by multitudes in hopes of a “darshan” or blessing. This art of painting with a pen-like tool or to be more precise a bamboo stick with sponge at its ends is, Kalamkari. I went seeking and found Mrs. Lakshmi, a master-craftswoman who trains women to create amazing motifs for Table-covers, Wall-hangings, Stoles, Sarees and running fabric. The figures are each painted in great detail and quite striking in colour schemes. The impression that lingers though is the fluid, graceful and “live” nature of these dancing women, gorgeous birds and divine beings. Perfection comes only through painstaking study and practice of skill and a lifetime dedicated to doing just one thing but doing it well, every single time. This is the lesson I came away with…The ladies dressed me up in sarees after saree…and its an experience I’d love for all to have! Fabulous, heart-warming Kalamkari Sarees:-)

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