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Meet the Master Series : Shree Om Prakash, Varanasi, India

Moonj/Kusha Grass from the Indian Gangetic Plains.

Mr Om Prakash trains and employs about 400 women who work in village centres to make finely woven products that include bread baskets, laundry baskets, platters, table-mats, laundry baskets. The challenge lies in the availability of raw materials as the grass is only available post the growing season and once harvested, October through March, there is no more material to be deployed. The weaving itself requires a tough, hard grass, interspersed with lighter, more-flexible grass, using a hard, long, metallic needle that is used to push the grass leaves through and looping them back out, while maintaining tension and attention to the patterns. The grass is dyed in various colours usually in Reds, Yellows, Browns and Greens. Stunning patterns are created to great effect. Every product is beautifully finished and unique.


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