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Meet the Master Series: Shree Murali & Master Puneet; Channapatana, Karnataka, India

Childhood Revisited.

The welcoming homes and workshops along the village lanes of Channapatna, Mandya, just off the Bengaluru-Mysuru Highway, create colourful toys that introduce the as-yet unknown world to children and ignite nostalgia for childhood-wonder in adults! Time stands still as the Rocking Horse, Wright Brother’s Plane, Birds and Pull-along Trains bring a smile to our souls. The craft provides for the village and when we reach for one toy, we choose to share in the heritage and pride of the community of Channapatna. We are also revisited by our childhood. I travelled back after 4 decades…and along by my side, from that time far back, walked my doting parents and companion brother. Who needs a Time-machine??

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