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Forged Iron Products: Source Online

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Forged Iron Works have held their own in the wide array of the Indian metal works repertoire. One finds small, entrepreneurial dwellings and workshops where the products are created, piece by piece, to suit the evolving tastes of the contemporary household. Starting at the outdoors, these were traditionally use to make decorative railings, planters, holder and now we see delightful door decors and accessories. Each piece is interesting, innovative and creative.

This craftsperson is Ashu from a village that skirts Delhi, India’s Capital city. He makes holders. These are unique door or wall accessories, to hang-up your keys, clothes, towels or tennis rackets on. He also makes a range of interesting desktop-top holders for pens and stationary. Some of his works are simply artistic expressions of common place things like cycles and rickshaws, that are made by incorporating wood to create light and adorable decor. Heavy metal never looked so good!


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  1. There is so much to explore in India, every state has such beautiful craft, culture, food and the list just goes on… Thank you CraftsBazaar for promoting all artisans and they finally getting what they deserve.

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