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Grass Baskets: Eco-friendly Home and Living Ideas

Grasslands have fed wild animals, human populations and in general, protected earth from denudation and drought. Their contribution to Nature is plentiful and vital.

In many rural areas across the world, grass is used to make products like hats, baskets, even various forms of household items for everyday use.

One such type of grass, in India, is known as Sikki grass and this grows in Mithila, in Bihar. This place has the unique distinction of being the birth-place of Sita, the celebrated and highly venerated wife of King Rama, widely regarded as the epitome of virtuosity and sacrifice .

Women in this region source, dry and die this grass in a various hues to make products like baskets, table mats, trays, toys, dolls and almost anything that can be of utility or interest! The grass is coiled tight and a needle-like implement called a Takua, makes itself useful, to assist them in giving these creations shape.

This environmentally-friendly and sustainable means of livelihood lends dignity, creates employment and makes it possible for urbanites to find beautiful, handmade, eco-friendly products that are light on the pocket, in product- weight and also, on ones conscience.

Live well; Choose wisely. Ditch the plastic..go for Grass.




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