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Jaipuri White Metal; Goblets for the Gods


Jaipur; Rajasthan. The land of Royalty, the land of “Rajas”. Timeless elegance comes with having stood the test of Time. There are no shortcuts, no slip roads to the path that leads to that accomplishment. It takes endurance, adaptability, consistent quality and sustainability. Rajasthani crafts, Meenakari, Marble and Jaipur Pink Stone Works, Brass and Woodworks from Jodhpur, Jaipur Blue Pottery, Jaipuri Quilts, Bandhini and Leheriya- Tie-Dye, Mirrorwork, Sanganeri, Daabu Block-prints, Jaipuri Gold and Gemstone Jewellery and Jaipuri Brass and White Metal are all example of the Timeless Elegance. These have withstood the passing of Time quite like the Forts and Palaces of Jaigarh and Neemraana. On the other hand, they have outdone those great monuments of past glory because these crafts breathe, live and engage with the here and now, the present day, Indian and International. If anything, they have crossed-iver deom beinging obky to India, to belonging to the Global Community. Jaipuri White Metal adorns home in the Living room as Objects of Art, in the Dressing Room as glorious mirrors and at the Dining table as Goblets for White or Red Wine.

It has transgresses traditionalism and with a natural found a place in contempory India and Western Cultural affinities, without bias and discomfort. Hats off to the vision, versatility and adaptability if the Craftspersons for staying relevant and keeping this craft alive and even thriving, in a modern-day, consumer-centric Global context. Jaipuri White Metalware. Find these at

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