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Joyful Works of Desert Craft

These photographs are of a series of fine Kuttchi embroidered bedcover-sets in a variety of motifs, patterns and colours. The one-of-a kind handmade works of craft are each a product of refinement, from conception to execution. The form, content and colour in varied hues, exceptionally fine needlework, perfectly-rounded tiny shimmering mirrors ensconced in silk and cotton threads and symmetrical geometric patterns make each piece awe-inspiring. To think that these are all made in remote villages by women who live hard lives devoid of urban comforts and many basic essentials between raising their children, tending to house-hold chores and fulfilling many obligation and duties that traditional rural societies require of them!

These joyful works of craft are brilliant. They offer us all an opportunity to include in our homes and lives, unique one-of-a-kind handmade products, the fruits of hard-toil and rich heritage in the certain knowledge that with their beauty gracing our lives, a small yet positive contribution goes out to a woman and a village. It also helps sustains an ancient craft and way of life.

We can be the change we wish to see. Source directly. Be inclusive.

Picture Courtesy CraftsBazaar


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