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Padharo Hamare Des

India. An Ancient Cradle of Civilization. A consciousness, one with the mysteries of the universe; its belief systems aligned with planetary movements, atomic sciences and the occult, all in a seamless flow of the Time. Stop to gaze upon decorated, elaborate doorways where all Yesterdays once passed and all Tomorrows are welcomed; Receive the gracious expression of tradition in every gentle salutation; Revel in the graceful folds and flow of garments plainly simple or exquisitely elaborate.

Experience India. The Indian consciousness is one with its Creator, all divine and earthly elements. In India, thousands of years of timelessness in Sanskaras, have remained in preservation by Shruthi and Smriti, the spoken and enunciated tradition and the collective unconscious that travels seamlessly, one generation to the next.

Prepare to be welcomed into the poetic, iconic entrances of humble homes with only thatch and baked clay to call home. This is witnessed in every craftsman, artisan woman or even those unfortunate children who hold yarn and wool to weave to the beats of their ancestral tunes in place of a pencil or textbook.

In poverty and want, under natural light or fading gas-lamps, with handmade rough tools that forever disfigure creative hands, using natural dyes or natures bounty, these bearers and custodians of civilization strive tirelessly to deliver artworks that remain true, pure and in conformance with all norms, mystics patterns, dictates of various schools of art.

They do all this working in remote villages, with few amenities. But for the grace of an innate pursuit of human excellence it is impossible to justify how these men, women and children devote their lives and livelihoods remaining faceless, nameless, “karigars” at the very bottom of the food-chain or modern day supply-chain.

Heritage and Traditions can only be honored when those who deliver those to us are honored. When you light a candle or a lamp next, take a moment to consider those hands that made them and their aspirations and challenges. Wouldn’t that be a light that communicates truly with God and Human in one glow?


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