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Revel in the Folds of Timeless Tradition

The Saree has its origins going as far back as the Indus Valley Civilization, 2800-1800 B.C. It captivates with charm to enhance the enigma of the Indian woman. Draped in a myriad unique ways, it carries with it the graceful folds of an ancient civilization. Each holds in its weaves motifs illustrating the harmony of Indians with Nature.  From the Northern Himalayan mountain ranges in Jammu and Kashmir, to the Western Ghats, Gujarat, Maharastra, the Eastern States of West Bengal and Orissa and North-Eastern Seven Sister States or the rich Southern belt, Coastal and Central, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, this single length of fabric in six or sometimes, nine yards, drapes millions of women in a singular tradition that captures in its flow the diversity of the rich weaves of the heritage of India.

The North, or Uttara Bharat,  has a wide range of weaves and fine-needlework, prized among which are the Benarasis, Kashmiris, Chanderis, Bhandhani, Leheriyas. The East or Purva Bharat, has the Baluchari, the Kantha, the Sambhalpuri, the Taanth among others. Paschima Bharat, has the Ghar Chola, the Maheshwari, the Paithani and the Parsi Ghara among a whole range of delicate and stunning sarees. Dakshina Bharat, Southern India, of course rules with the Kanjeevarams, Gadhwals, Pochampallys, Venkatgiris and the cast of fabled genius simply goes on.

Distinct varieties from every corner, speak of the generations of devotion to skill and tradition that enable them to lend poise and grace to every woman. Follow your mood for the moment and it will lead you to the next exotically beautiful saree waiting for you specifically for that moment! Shopping online for the Indian Saree makes it possible to connect with the weavers, design a mix and match of patterns of colours, commission a piece, to suit your unique tastes and enjoy the bounty at hand.


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