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When in doubt..Accessorize!!!


Life is busy and time is scarce. There is perhaps this one fact that all parties, factions and groups agree upon, irrespective of their allegiance, political, social or ethic. Women are at the epicenter of torrential opportunities for their families, communities and nations and they are giving it all up to contribute towards making life better in every small and big way, indirectly or directly.

Women. A powerhouse of energy, a source of strength, a vital force. The Mothers of Mankind. Through all of this, there’s the desire and demand to look the part. For those who like to dress-up and be fashionable but simply have no time, there’s one secret no designer will let you in on- Accessorize! Before you step out the door, reach for a clutch, a stole, a scarf, a belt or quite simply an embellished hair-clip. And you’re set to be make yourself bright and feel like you at least made an effort!

Photos Courtesy CraftsBazaar.


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