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Artisanal Terracotta Lamps, Birdbaths and Earthen Delights!

Artisanal Terracotta Lamps, Birdbaths and Earthen Delights!

Along the Malabar Coastline of India and indeed, I almost all states where rivers flow, terracotta products are mainstay in all homes.

Cooking and storing pots for daily open fire cooking or else for Gas Stoves or Bar-b-ques are commonly used as a healthy, eco-friendly alternative to other materials.

Water is held in these earthen posts as they are porous, they keep it cool and it is believed the water itself has superior properties to plastic bottles. Seems totally logical!

Lights and lamps have for centuries been lit in earthenware… plates, tea and milk, all has been drunk from earthenware. It’s used, washed, and when chipped it simply is broken and returns to the soil it came from!

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