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Natural & Fabulous!

Om ji supports a group or 400 women in a small village near Varanasi. These products and his work have been featured before…

Here’s a visual delight!Eco-friendly, sustainable, joyful, honest, useful, unique, fabulous, natural… and just plain adorable.

Communities thrive on inter-dependence. When misfortune from economic crisis or natural disasters hits the world.. communities that thrive on daily wages or transactional and seasonal in-person sales, fairs, festivals etc suffer in more ways than one.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We all shop anyway.

How about we shop and also feel good about it?

Anyhow, where else will one find some astonishingly beautiful daily-use products?!

Together, we can. If you’d like to browse the link is below. 😊

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