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Warm, cozy, trendy and striking Shawl Statements

Warm, cozy, trendy and striking Shawl Statements sourced from Himalayan Yak and woven by communities that thrive in a symbiotic mode with the Yak, Sheep and Challenging environment.

Zero carbon footprint! Zero chemicals! Zero loss or jobs! So the sheep get cold?? No.. because the wool is shown during the summers. Shearing itself is not ideal … all life feeds-off other life.

What heals us is that we do not abuse, misuse, disuse any creature just because it’s lower down in the food-chain.

Stay warm. Buy local, natural, sustainable… if you love the products and life choice you make.

We’re here when you’re ready!

Locally sourced sustainable and natural lifestyle choices begin anytime you choose… it’s as easy as 1-2-3- Go!!!

View collection at Respect Origins.

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