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Recycling, Upcyling… these terms are as ridiculously hilarious in a wicked way as organic food is. These labels never existed and weren’t needed.

Our world was all about passing down and onward and forward all that we had, wore, read, played with and even ate!

Our baby cribs and rockers went from one generation to the next, clothes travelled around the globe to the next new born, books dog-eared and annotated were devoured by hungry to learn strangers down the neighbourhood and food was always, always shared, apples were bitten into and passed on, bananas were mushed into halves, sandwiches had their cucumbers hanging out desperately as they were partitioned in a frenetic hurry.

These are Borders from Banarasi sarees.. yes, real, vintage Sarees in pure brocade and antique motifs not woven anymore.

They are sought after by designers and boutique owners. Offered here by a kind lady who has been a collector.

They will be gone soon..Like them? Go for it…

View collection at Respect Origins.

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