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Gifts for Urban Homes. From painters in Rajasthan.. Arun and Samer.

When in doubt.. Paint!! The almost primal natural human compulsion to adorn, embellish, beautify, improve, impress our own experiences ofLife on all objects inanimate goes back to Time Immemorium.. our Cavemen ancestors!

These adorable Chaiwalla Aluminium Kettles and matching Glasses are nostalgia “In Toto”! 🎉

Also available in any photos or images you wish. Desire to impress your Lady or Lord with a morning Cuppa in their own image?? Why not?! Contact us- and it will be done. Or simply fill the Commission it form.

For retailers, boutiques, interior designers.. there are coasters, napkin holders and entire doors painted to your heart’s desire and imaginations’ fire!

Anything is possible… when you Respect Origins:-) ❤️

View Collection at Respect Origins.

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