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And God said, “ Let there be light!”

The advent of electricity with Thomas Edison has transformed life for humanity. It’s perhaps arguably the greatest invention ever.

Equally fantabulous (!) is the staggering reality that rural folk that made oil- lanterns awesomely, gorgeously sensational using the mosaic technique used bits and pieces of left over glass were up cycled or recycled most creatively to form a myriad of magical patterns, now use the same for the electrical lamps!

These are some in small sizes.. they come as votives, lovely outdoor lights and a series of contemporary lights to suits various themes.. beach, country, mountain-lodge, modern … whatever u fancy!

The link below leads to more exotic ones… but you can contact us at to get absolutely any kind of handcrafted item you may want!!

Yup! It’s unreal… but true:-)

View collection at Respect Origins.

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